Keeping Up With Paul Qui

In Edible Austin‘s recent ‘Cooks At Home‘ feature, Top Chef Paul Qui and fiancée Deana Saukam open up about their new jet-set schedule, the joy of home-cooked meals, and their exciting year ahead. With a wedding, a new downtown Austin home AND a new restaurant in the works, these foodies clearly have a lot on their plate.

Qui shares his family recipe for traditional Chicken Adobo.
Courtesy of Edible Austin

Expanding on his string of successful East Side King Asian-fusion food trucks already dotting the Austin bar scene, Qui and business partner Moto Utsonomiya are almost ready to reveal their newest establishment — an East Side King outpost tucked inside Austin’s Hole In The Wall on December 4! Even FOOD & WINE Magazine has rightfully honored Chef Qui as one of the 2012 Empire Builders in the industry.

Photo by Christian Remde

We caught up with the returning Austin FOOD & WINE Festival chef to talk all things restaurant R&D, Austin food trucks, and his latest ventures:

AFWF: What are you most excited about with your new East Side King venture at Hole In The Wall? PQ: The thing I’m most excited about is getting to work with my good friend Yoshi Okai to make new ramen creations. 

AFWF: We read that the menu is going to feature crowd-pleasing favorites from the other locations. Which dish is most popular where? PQ: Chicken Karaage, Brussels Sprouts, Beet Fries… they’re all pretty popular and all at Liberty Bar.

AFWF: What HITW-specific menu additions can hungry fans look forward to?  PQ: Our “ESK Instant Ramen.” 

AFWF: Besides your own of course, which is your favorite food truck in town? PQ: I like Gordough’s and Flip Happy Crêpes

AFWF: We hear that your new restaurant will be called ‘Qui’ – can you give us any other inside scoop…? PQ: Yes it will be called ‘qui’ and it will be divided into two places — a chef’s table and a 50-seat dining room. I want to establish a creative space to showcase what Austin has to offer.  

East Side King at Hole in the Wall courtesy of Christian Remde on Vimeo.