Macy’s Culinary Council Demo with Chef Michelle Bernstein

The inaugural Austin FOOD & WINE Festival this weekend, and the city is buzzing! With so many chefs and food world celebrities in town all at the same time, you’ll want to take every opportunity possible to bask in their culinary glow and soak up some of their skills via demos, VIP events and more.

Lucky for you, Macy’s is hosting Macy’s Culinary Council Chef Michelle Bernstein and local chefs Laura Sawicki and Rene Ortiz of La Condesa at Macy’s Barton Creek on Thursday, April 26 beginning at 6PM for an intimate cooking demonstration celebrating the Festival. That’s right, it’s yet another opportunity to see some star talent up close. Plus, after the demo, you’ll have a chance to have Chef Bernstein sign your purchased copy of her cookbook Cuisine a Latina: Fresh Tastes and a World of Flavors from Michy’s Miami Kitchen.

Oh, and did we mention that Macy’s will also be handing out $25 Gift Cards at both Michelle’s Bring On the Flavor! demo on Saturday, as well as at fellow Culinary Council Chef Marcus Samuelsson’s Green Eggs and Ham demo on Sunday. It’s like being rewarded for sipping on delicious wine and sampling fine food — talk about added bonus!