Scary Foods with Andrew Zimmern

As the host of a popular Travel Channel show dedicated to traveling the world in search of the most bizarre foods, Andrew Zimmern is no stranger to unusual — and often cringe-worthy — edibles. From pigeon to armadillo, he’s likely tried it all and has the story and preparation techniques to prove it.

Continuing our pre-Halloween coverage, we’re shining the spotlight on Andrew Zimmern to learn a thing or two about ‘scary foods’ and ‘alternative’ proteins.

First, here are six instances where even the seasoned bizarre foods expert prefers a little substitution (nutria, animal udders, small intestines…) when bringing his on-the-road recipes back to his family’s dinner table. According to Zimmern, “There’s no such thing as ‘scary food.’ Putrefying shark is only off-putting because you haven’t experienced it. I love how an ingredient no one wants can become heavenly in the right hands.”

And with those words, we take a look at his 2012 Austin FOOD & WINE Festival demo as he walks us through the step-by-step instructions of preparing Ox Heart in a Peanut Chili Garlic Sauce. Check it out and follow along for culinary wisdoms and a look at the types of educational entertainment you can expect at the 2nd Annual Austin FOOD & WINE Festival!

“Heart is the most unappreciated muscle in the world. It eats better than beef tenderloin – which is way too mushy – and it has all of the sophistication of dry-aged strip loin. It is glorious.”