On the Table: Thanksgiving Sides & Salads

Why should the turkey steal all the Thanksgiving thunder this Thursday? There are plenty of opportunities to impress your guests with holiday-inspired side dishes and salads: Check out these ideas from 2013 Austin FOOD & WINE Festival featured chefs Tre Wilcox, Sarah Grueneberg and Jason Dady.  

Tre Wilcox’s Dressing

Let’s start with the stuffing. Tre Wilcox (Marquee Grill, Dallas) is a wizard with the starchy sides. This Award-Winning Cornbread-Dressing recipe has a spicy jalapeño kick and the southern flavor of bacon and cheddar. You can’t go wrong with a combination like that! For another inventive take on the holiday carbs, try his Southwestern-Inspired Bread Pudding, featuring flavors like cilantro, chili powder, bell pepper and cumin.

Southwestern Bread Pudding. Courtesy of BravoTV

Sarah Grueneberg’s Stuffed Cabbage

Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Speaking of stuffing, Sarah Grueneberg of Chicago’s Spiaggia, has a hearty dish that makes the most of seasonal cabbage. Her Stuffed Cabbage with Rosemary Brown Butter and Parmigiano Reggiano is rustic and aromatic – not to mention simple!

Sarah Grueneberg’s Cranberry-Orange Mostarda

Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Taking a cue from traditional Italian recipes, Sarah puts a unique Thanksgiving twist on the candied fruit condiment mostarda. Her cranberry-orange rendition is a bright accompaniment to any turkey and offers an unexpectedly piquant flavor to the typically rich flavors on your holiday table.

Jason Dady’s Winter Beet Salad

Take a look as top San Antonio-based chef, Jason Dady, walks you through the step-by-step process of crafting the perfect roasted golden beet salad. With arugula and roasted walnuts, it’s both a colorful addition to your meal and the perfect way to integrate garden-fresh flavors into your menu.

  Bon appétit!