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The guys from Immaculate Infatuation are back this month with another mind-expanding list. In the spirit of SXSW, check out what Chris Stang and Andrew Steinthal have to say about all things food + tech.

We have a feature on our site called Friday Fives, where we basically ask a famous face to pick his or her favorite restaurants within our “Perfect For” categories like “Date Night,” Dinner With The Parents,” and “Action At The Bar.” It’s incredibly popular and we’ve had everyone from Alec Baldwin to Emmy Rossum to Mario Batali to Mike D of the Beastie Boys participate. Austin Food & Wine Fest has turned the tables on it today though, and asked us to do our own Friday Fives. But instead of picking restaurants, we’ve been asked to pick our favorite destinations for food porn across the web. No problem. We love (food) porn.
Instagram: @alice_gao
Courtesy of @alice_gao
Everyone and their mother takes pictures of their food, but no one makes it look as good as Alice Gao does. Her photos are absolutely beautiful and make us strive to take better food photos ourselves. If you don’t follow her already, it’s time to do so right now.

Alice Gao’s Instagram

The Web: Forking Tasty
Courtesy of Forking Tasty
This website was started by two Italian brothers with badass jobs that constantly keep them on the road. They’re both food obsessives like us, and they cram as much eating as humanly possible into every business trip. They document it too, and they do it damn well. We check out Forking Tasty every week, and are usually inspired to book flights to random places so we can eat what they ate. Anyone up for a trip to Detroit to go to Slow’s BBQ?

Forking Tasty’s Website

Vimeo: Food Curated
Courtesy of Food Curated
Sure, there are some excellent food programs on TV, but our favorite channel to watch actually runs on the internet. If you don’t watch Food Curated’s Vimeo channel, you’re missing out. Liza De Guia has been unearthing DIY food purveyors for years now and putting their stories on film via her creative outlet, Food Curated. Her pieces are beautifully shot, very engaging, and always fun to watch. We have Liza to thank for introducing us to two of our favorite sugary things to eat – Cookie Fairy Sweets & MilkMade Ice Cream.

Food Curated’s Vimeo

Flickr: The Wandering Eater
Courtesy of The Wandering Eater
We’ve been following Tina Wong aka The Wandering Eater’s Flickr feed since even before we had a website and became hip to all these crazy things. She’s one of the best when it comes to photographing food, and has a knack for making everything she shoots look immaculate. Mile End smoked meat sandwich in our faces now please.

The Wandering Eater’s Flickr

Instagram: @immaculateinfat
Courtesy of @immaculateinfat
We have no shame. When given the opportunity, we will absolutely take a free plug. Look, if it wasn’t good, we’d admit it, but we’re pretty sure our Instagram is awesome. It’s also a great way for us to keep track of how absurdly irresponsible we are when it comes to eating. Unfortunately – since we’re usually taking photos at night, in restaurants – that means having to combat horrible lighting. We do the best we can, but it’s a burden we’ll live with forever. Every once in a while though, we’re out in daylight. That’s when the really good stuff happens.

@immaculateinfat Instagram