Fall Food Artisans: Tricks and Treats

Hosting a Halloween party and looking for locally made treats? From classic chocolate to miniature edible graveyards and web-laden cupcakes, here are a few of our favorite Austin finds!
Delysia Chocolatier

Dedicated to producing the finest gourmet chocolates, Delysia specializes in truffles with a twist. Some of their prize-winning funky combinations include ingredients like jalapeño tequila, sweet tea vodka and locally made wines. For Halloween, they’ve created a collection of caramel, candy corn, and peanut butter-filled treats.
Tiny Pies
Courtesy of Tiny Pies | Tracy Morford
Tiny Pies is a mother/daughter operation that strives to use only the highest quality, all natural ingredients sourced directly from local farmers and merchants. Their tagline? “Small pies, big taste.”

Their creative Halloween specials include Glass Shard Brownies, Graveyard Pies, the Not-So-Tiny Mummy BooBerry Pie and Jack O’Lantern Pumpkin Pies.

The brownie jars pack a spicy punch and feature pecans and a candied glass shard topper while the Graveyard Pies boast a mini headstone, chocolate brownie, pecans and ganache – all in an Oreo crust. And because sometimes you just need a bigger portion, you can also be the life of the party with their mummy-like blueberry pie. Order now through October 29 for delivery or pick-up on the 31st!
Skull & Cakebones
A new arrival on the local cupcake scene, Skull & Cakebones is an all-vegan outfit known for its unique flavor collaborations with other Austin-area tastemakers like Cuvee Coffee and Jester King Brewery.

For Halloween they’ve put a colorful spin on one of their traditional cupcakes, the Bing Bong (their take on the Ding Dong). Typically, it’s a chocolate cake filled with sweet vegan butter cream and topped with chocolate ganache, but the Halloween “Boo” Bong edition boasts a spider-ful embellishment and an orange center. Because they don’t use any artificial ingredients in their products, they used a combination of carrot and beet juice from Johnson’s Backyard Garden to achieve the festive hue. 

These holiday-themed cupcakes will be available at Hope Farmers Market this upcoming Sunday.

Happy Halloween!