Super Bowl XLVII with Jon Shook & Vinny Dotolo

Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo of acclaimed LA eateries, Animal and Son of A Gun, are known for their trend-setting approaches to culinary and restaurant innovation. But how do they kick back with friends in their spare time? We caught up with the dynamic duo to chat all things home entertaining and go-to Super Bowl menus.
Super Bowl 47 | Jon Shook & Vinny Dotolo

What are your key ingredients to a casual Super Bowl get-together?

Vinny: Go for food that can be made a couple days in advance and can easily be served when your guests arrive. Make sure you have things that are easy for appetizers so you can focus on the main course.

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Jon: Make a 7-layer bean dip and call it a day. Sometimes I go for 12 if I’m feeling crazy. 

What is your no-fail app or hors d’oeuvres secret?

Jon: I like to keep it basic when I am at my house so I usually prepare self-service dishes. I like to make a spinach and artichoke dip. Vinny: Dips are always crowd pleasers. So are olives. Pick a few olive varieties you like and marinate them. Orange/lemon zest, garlic, rosemary, olive oil, thyme, crushed red pepper is my go-to marinade. Use your judgment: if you like a lot of garlic, use a lot, if you use a lot of spice, use a lot of pepper. Things that people can nosh on. Cheese. Cured meats.
“Dips are always crowd pleasers.
So are olives.”
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Best LA spots to pick up said cheeses/meats?

Vinny: Farm Shop. Jon: Beverly Hills Cheese Shop.

Essential serving item? Game-day cocktail? Go-to soundtrack?

Vinny: I like to use nice platters, cheeseboards. We use a lot of Heath plates. Jon: My game day beverage of choice is a greyhound. I’ve been really into Pandora when I’m at home, I start off with the Alabama’s greatest hits station. 
 Jon & Vinny: AC/DC Live. 
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Describe your entertaining style in either a few words or a phrase…

Vinny: Simple, traditional. Jon: West Hollywood, sword fights, and balloons.