Make the Most Out of Your Cup O’ Joe

Have you ever wondered how to make the most out of your morning cup o’ joe? We’ve rounded up several tips and tricks from the experts to kick off this 4-day week!  
Photo courtesy of The New York Times According to Blue Bottle Coffee founder James Freeman, there are five crimes against coffee that will keep you from enjoying it fully. Are you guilty of committing one of these?

Buying Old Beans

Grinding in Advance

Using a Coffee Machine

Playing it Loose with Measurements

Shopping at the Supermarket

“The essence of good espresso, of good coffee in general, revolves around three numbers: the amount of quality dry coffee used, the amount of time water flows through it and the amount of coffee that comes out the other end…”

—Matt Richtel, on learning to create the perfect cup of coffee.

  And last but not least, we leave you to your day ahead with a video that’s bound to wake you up:   Do you make your own coffee or have a favorite coffee shop? Share your tips below!