Featured Festival Artist: Whiskey Shivers

Whiskey Shivers is a group of local musicians giving bluegrass a new rock-infused, irreverent spin all their own. You can catch them at our Taste of Texas event on Friday, April 26.

Go ahead and dance along as you watch their clever music video, “Gimme All Your Lovin'” – and check out their newly released “Jealous Heart” video below! We got the scoop on their favorite food experiences, concoctions and hangouts…

You’re a homegrown Austin band that is getting a lot of people excited about the bluegrass scene in town. How would you describe your sound?

In a word, “Trashgrass.” We have bluegrass/old-time instrumentation, but it’s a dirty, leaky sack o’ sound, that rips open before you can get it to the curb. And, surprise! It was full of whiskey the whole time. And then you’re standing there wondering, “Why was I bringing all this whiskey to the curb anyway?”

Who are your musical icons?

We’re a big group, and a lot of our interests are far flung, but whether you’re talking about Led Zeppelin or the Dillards, WuTang or Weird Al, Otis Redding or Old Crow, what’s important is the energy and the honesty.

Whiskey Shivers at The Scottish Rite Theater 1/25

Let’s do a quick-fire food-lover’s Q&A. Favorite…

Breakfast taco? Wherever friends go at 3am on the way home from the bar. Patio/al fresco option? Bouldin Creek Cafe or Taco C. Late night grub? KOLACHES! I think the band would all agree that the best place to get kolaches in Texas is the Czech Stop. [note: Czech Stop is a bakery halfway between Austin and Dallas] Food you can find only in Austin? Fresh made tacos while you play arcade games and wait for your laundry.

What’s your pre-show ritual? Do you have a special snack or meal?

Usually whiskey chased by a heart-warming pump-up cheer.

What do you eat while on tour?

We usually try to go to the local grocery store or farmers market and buy stuff to make sandwiches, really anything you can keep in a cooler. Our van sort of becomes a food truck.

If you had a personal chef while on tour, what would you ask them to make?

Eggplant parmesan. And rhubarb pie.

What do you like to cook?

I [Bobby] don’t really “cook” that much, but when I do I like to make mushes. The best one is “mortar mush,” which is just oatmeal, a couple eggs, half a block of cheese, hot sauce, some ketchup and then I stir it all up and microwave it.

Wow. Well if you could learn how to make anything at the FOOD & WINE Festival in April, what would it be?

Eggs benedict. I can never get poached eggs right. What I would REALLY like to know his how to make a poached egg in a moonshine still. Or even just some mean biscuits and gravy.

Favorite eating experience you’ve ever had?

Well, we play at the Hope Farmer’s Market a lot, and this one time they hosted a hot dog eating contest. I [Bobby] was elected by the band to be the representative — so they were playing this instrumental sort of soundtrack in the background, building up faster and faster while I’m slammin’ hot dogs. Unfortunately I didn’t even win.

So you’re about to debut your next music video, “Jealous Heart.” What can fans expect?

We’re really proud of this video made by our friend John Rhoret at John Valley Productions. It’s got it all – subtle imagery, dark humor, love lost and a giant snake. Kind of like a peanut butter cup, dark on the outside while delicious on the inside.
“As legend has it (depending on whom you ask, or whoever is telling the story), Austin quintet Whiskey Shivers formed around 2009. Some say they were hatched in a woodpile. Others say they tumbled out of one o’ them rancid whiskey bottles and frightened the locals. But mostly, it was a talented bunch of musicians who figured they’d make great music together.”

—Laurie Gallardo, KUT Austin Experience Whiskey Shivers – and Bobby’s sleeveless, fiddle totin’, mustache clad self – at Friday’s Taste of Texas event under the live oak trees of Republic Square Park. Bring yer dancin’ shoes!  

UPDATE: Watch their newly released music video, “Jealous Heart”: