A Taste of Koko’s Best Butler Park Bites

We partnered with a host of talented bloggers from around the web to tell the stories behind this year’s festival. From profiles and interviews to recipes and on-site coverage, get the inside scoop on all things AFWF! This week we’re remembering the weekend with a few mouth-watering recaps from A Taste of Koko‘s Jane Ko.

The Austin FOOD & WINE Festival was the ultimate location to sip and savor great bites from all over the country while learning from a plethora of chef celebrities. Take a look at some of my favorite moments from the weekend!

Tim Love, on stage overlooking a sea of grills.
Tim Love
Love works the crowd into a frenzy with his hands-on grilling demo.

Started the day with refreshing slushies and alcohol-infused popcorn at the Kim Crawford tent, before making my way over to the food tents.
First bite was handed over by Paul Qui.
Grilled pork tongue
The grilled pork tongue from Paul Qui was one of the best things I ate at AFWF.
Ben Edgerton
Ben Edgerton and Andrew Wiseheart of Contigo showcased a squash and shroom combination from his upcoming restaurant, Gardner.
Austin Food & Wine Festival
Grilled steak with chili sauce from Jason Dady.
Aaron Franklin
You know it’s Aaron Franklin when you see a crowd of people around the barbecue pit.

Jack Gilmore debuted his fire truck rotisserie rig – complete with pig-roasting capability, and flowing Fireman’s #4 beer. Bonus? It will also soon feature a frozen margarita machine.

Bryce Gilmore
I couldn’t resist and had to check out the roasting pig for myself.

And then there was the meat carousel of goat heads and chickens.


And the roasting tree of quails.

Austin Food and Wine Festival

You know it’s going to be a good show when Andrew Zimmern shares his words of wisdom.


Graham Elliot, Austin Food & Wine Festival
Graham Elliot taking a live selfie of himself and the crowd.
Austin Food & Wine Festival