Andrew Harper’s Summer Food and Wine Series

Hungry for more dish from your favorite chefs? Travel experts from Andrew Harper caught up with a few Festival chefs around Butler Park for their ‘Summer Food and Wine’ series. In the name of summer getaways, check out the chefs’ favorite food cities, travel tips and more!

Paul Qui & Deana Saukam

Courtesy Andrew Harper | Eric Morales

In this fun and candid interview, Chef Paul Qui and Deana Saukam share their favorite food destinations, their approach to culinary discovery and the importance of spending time in kitchens around the world.

“The level of food (in Japan) is just so, so high. From the raw ingredients to your fast food chains or your 7-11, everything is good.”


Andrew Zimmern

Courtesy Andrew Harper

From essential iPhone Apps and porcupine bacon to the ultimate traveler’s dilemma, food personality extraordinaire, Andrew Zimmern, shares a few stories from his global escapades.

“Well, the greatest food city in the world is New York City, just in terms of depth and breadth, variety, size, infrastructure.”