Artisan Spotlight: Lick Honest Ice Creams

The Grand Tasting will boast an array of delicious sips and samples from an impressive number of the country’s top wine, spirits and culinary exhibitors, not to mention the local and regional chefs who will be on hand sharing their creations as well.

One of the best – and most rewarding – parts of the Grand Tasting experience is the chance to talk with the makers, and our Artisan Spotlight series introduces you to a few of these creative entrepreneurs in advance of the fest. Last week we featured local favorite Tiny Pies, and this week we’re back with another sweet treat – Lick Honest Ice Creams!

Lick Honest Ice Creams
Courtesy Austin Chronicle

AFWF: When and how did you get into the world of artisan ice cream?

Anthony Sobotik: We opened our shop on South Lamar in October of 2011. Throughout my childhood and my years as a caterer and baker, I’ve always loved making ice cream. I wanted to give people the option of enjoying an ice cream made honestly with just a few whole ingredients. So I worked with our dairy to create a totally different ice cream base that would serve as the perfect foundation to celebrate what I think of as the flavors of Texas.

Where do you find inspiration for new flavors/flavor combos?

AS: I love expirimenting with flavor profiles. Most of our flavors are inspired by dishes I grew up eating in Hallettsville (11 miles from Shiner, TX) and by what local produce is in season. That’s usually where I start.

What is one part of your process that might be most surprising for people to learn about?

AS: Probably that I still go to the dairy (Mill-King Creamery) several times a month to work with them on our ice cream base. We’re always eager to learn more from them and to make our ice cream the best it can be.

Which seasonal flavor are you most excited about for Spring/Summer?

AS: That’s a tough decision to make. I’d have to say I’m most looking forward to the return of Lemon Lavender. All our citrus comes from the valley and lavender comes from the Hill Country, mainly near Blanco. It such a light, refreshing flavor that packs a surprising amount of depth.

How do you support other local or regional businesses in the creation of your small batch ice creams?

AS: We always have our local farmers and food artisans in mind when we create flavors. Any fruit or vegetable that goes into our ice creams is harvested from a local farm and that’s how it will stay. That’s why we’ve never done certain flavors. We use what the lands of this great state give us and we’re happy with that. My grandparents were farmers so it’s a decision that’s close to my heart.

What will you be serving at the festival? What part of the AFWF are you most excited about?

AS: We’re still working on our dish for the festival. We wanted to do something that we’ve never done before and we’re having a lot of fun experimenting right now. I’m most excited about being in the tasting tent with other local food artisans and sharing what we do with the festival attendees. Ice cream makes people happy!