Austin Chefs Share Their Must-Eat Dishes

Now that you’ve tasted some of the best bites in town, find out which dishes that a few of the city’s top chefs think you should try! Take a recommendation from the culinary artists who’ve made Austin’s food scene one of the best in the country. Here are dishes the city’s top talent have identified as their favorites on Chefs Feed, an app that curates chef-recommended dishes. Read on, get hungry, and book your reservation on OpenTable!

Paul Qui

qui & East Side King

Tonkotsu Ramen at Komé

“This is definitely the best ramen in Austin, hands down. It has great broth and the right kind of ramen noodle, which is custom made for Komé.”

Half-Shelled Oysters at Deckhand Oyster Bar

“Deckhand is a family-run business with the best gulf oysters that I have ever had. Also, their green sauce is so addictive!”

Margherita Pizza at Home Slice Pizza

“My favorite quick place to get a quick slice of pizza. I love being able to just walk up and order.”

Andrew Wiseheart

Contigo & Gardner

Mussels at Olivia

“Olivia’s mussels are always delicious. Although they always change the presentation of them, they always have mussels in some form on the menu, and they are consistently good.”

Crispy Beef Tongue at Foreign & Domestic

“The beef tongue is amazing. They serve it with watercress salad and horseradish cream, and that pretty much speaks for itself.”

Barbacoa Tacos at Taqueria Arandas

“The food there is similar to the Mexican food I have had in California, and it’s the Mexican food I like to eat. The tacos come simply with onions and cilantro. It’s very non Tex-Mex, which is hard to find in Texas.”

Aaron Franklin

Franklin Barbecue

Fried Brussels Sprout Salad at East Side King

“I love to sit at the bar and munch on fried brussels sprouts, beet fries, and the tori meshi. Liberty always has great movies on the TV, too.”

Scrambled Egg with Broccoli at Barley Swine

“Let them tell you what to order and hopefully you’ll get a seat at the bar. Try the scrambled egg with broccoli. I don’t normally dig on eggs too much, but they do them right here.”

Omakase at Uchi

“Sit at the bar and let them order for you—you can’t go wrong. Everything is mind-blowing.”

Takuya Matsumoto

Ramen Tatsu-Ya

Smoked Duck Pastrami Sandwich at Noble Pig

“I am a huge fan of sandwiches and an even bigger fan of Noble Sandwiches. This place makes everything fresh in-house. The smoked duck pastrami and beef tongue sandwiches are so good that I can’t pick just one but I have to get both, and then I order something else to-go as well.”

Marrow Bones at parkside

“This is a classic dish done well. Bread + herbs + bone marrow = yum!”

Sweet Corn Sorbet at Uchiko

“You really can’t go wrong with any of the desserts here, and the food is excellent, too. This corn dessert though… I crave it. I think about it before I even place my order.”

Mary Catherine Curren

Easy Tiger Bake Shop & Beer Garden, Arro & 24 Diner

Soft-Shell Crawfish at Lenoir

“Perfectly crisp soft-shell crawfish are served over sour pork sausage, toasted rice, and tons of fresh herbs, then finished with tamago. It has an overall feel of a really fresh larb with an awesome crunch. The menu changes regularly, but Todd has brought it back every crawfish season.”

Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies at epicerie

“All of Sarah’s baked goods are fantastic. She has done a beautiful job of creating simple, craveable sweets. The salted chocolate chip cookies are the stand out. They are big, thick, and chunky cookies. The outside is crisp but the inside is soft cookie dough with big chunks of chocolate laced all throughout. She has truly found the right balance of salt and chocolate.”

Fluke with Lemon, Almonds and Chives at parkside

“All of the offerings from their raw bar are fantastic, but this has been on the menu from the beginning and it is by far my favorite. It is perfectly simple: thin slices of raw fluke lightly seasoned with lemon and chive. It is garnished with toasted, sliced almonds that create a perfectly contrasting crunch and nutty flavor.”