Chef Challenge Hot Tips: Andrew Wiseheart

Are you ready to accept Andrew Wiseheart’s Fire Pit-inspired cooking challenge for the chance to with a Pair of Weekender Passes plus a KitchenAid prize pack? Well, we caught up with the talented chef for a few pro tips to help give you an edge over the competition.

Challenge: Try cooking your favorite meat or protein directly on the heat source.

Tips & Tricks

How do you keep the embers going to continue cooking on them?

When you are cooking steak or another protein directly on a pile of embers, fan the embers so that they’re just a little orange with as little ash as possible. It cooks like cast iron or a plancha.

What are your preferred techniques when cooking directly with the coals?

Bury whole root veggies with skin-on in coals and cook directly in the nook of the coals.

Another method is to use a roasting rack & set straight on coals. Try placing brined chicken wings on the rack and set directly on coals, which will result in a terrifically crispy texture with smokiness from the fire.

You can use the roasting rack technique (above) with butternut squash. First, take the whole neck of squash, cut in half lengthwise and char… set on rack or coals, cover the grill and it yields a perfectly charred layer with the rest of the flesh cooked through.

Any serving suggestions?

Once cooked, you can serve the vegetables in a variety of ways… but one cool trick is to peel the skins off (celery root or beets, for example), dehydrate then run through a spice grinder to make veggie ash. You can use it as seasoning to impart the flavor of grill, pair with cheese, etc. It’s easy & delicious!

For charred vegetables (like the squash), slice them so that a little bit of char is on each piece, and the char is juxtaposed w/creamy & perfectly cooked squash. Killer!

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