Chef Challenge Hot Tips: Paul Qui & Thai Changthong

Are you ready to accept Paul Qui & Thai Changthong’s fire pit-inspired cooking challenge for the chance to with a Pair of Weekender Passes plus a KitchenAid prize pack? Well, we caught up with the talented chefs for a few pro tips to help give you an edge over the competition.

Challenge: Take a non-traditional approach to chicken wings by cooking them on the grill.

Tips & Tricks

Why do you love grilled chicken wings versus the traditional fried version? What makes them better?

Paul: I love the smoky flavor and charred bits of skin from grilled wings. Grilling wings gives them a deeper flavor.

Thai: Most importantly it shows you can marinate it different ways, it’s not greasy or unhealthy. I like the smell of food grilling, it brings people to attention.

Do you recommend a certain marinade or basting technique?

Paul: I like making a marinade with a lot of ginger, lemongrass, garlic and coconut milk. I like basting with a sweet, sour and spicy fish sauce glaze then finishing with fresh herbs.

Thai: For me I love to marinade, so all my meat is tasty and tender, my foundation is always with thai herb and spice.

Which specific tools/tactics/fire specifics do you suggest for grilling chicken wings?

Paul: I like grilling on wood or charcoal, on medium to low heat so the fat renders and the skin gets crispy. I also like basting with chicken jus or stock and waiting to finish with the sweet glaze as not to char the outside of the wing too much.

Thai: For chicken, I go low heat coal. For red meat, I use high heat coal.

What advice would you give either dressing the wings, making dipping sauces, plating & serving…?

Paul: Don’t make it too sweet and make sure to render the fat to make your wings crispy. Be patient, it takes time to grill great wings.

Thai: I like to dip, so you can taste the still crispy meat, and still have some sauce to party!

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