Chef Challenge Hot Tips: Tandy Wilson & Pat Martin

Are you ready to accept Tandy Wilson & Pat Martin’s Fire Pit-inspired cooking challenge for the chance to with a Pair of Weekender Passes plus a KitchenAid prize pack? Well, we caught up with the talented chefs for a few pro tips to help give you an edge over the competition.

Challenge: Grill up your most creative stuffed hamburger.

Tips & Tricks

What meat combinations would you recommend for the best, juiciest grilled burgers?

I’d use about 50% pork for the burger. Since the burger is stuffed, you’re going to have it over the fire for longer. You need to make sure it stays moist, and a high pork content is going to do that for you.

From charcoal to wood chips, how should someone get their burger-grilling fire started?

I’d go with charcoal. You’ll have to set it up so that you can create a variety of heat options. You need both direct and indirect heat for a burger that’s going to be on the grill awhile.

Any advice for the finishing touches, like bun selection or final seasoning?

You’ll need a substantial bun. Nothing too big, but something that’s going to hold up a big burger. You don’t want it to fall apart on you halfway through eating it.

You’re from Nashville, but when you’re in Austin, where do you go for the best hamburgers?

P. Terry’s. We’ve heard it’s amazing. My wife and I are actually going to take our son there for his second birthday while we are in town for Austin Food + Wine.

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