Food is For Lovers: Chris Bostick

The Austin Food + Wine Festival is where you can mix and mingle with some of the biggest chefs, sommeliers and spirits experts in the country. This Valentine’s Day, we’re offering you a piece of the action! You and your special someone (or a friend!) could win a one-on-one culinary experience with talented Austin Food + Wine Festival chefs in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, or Houston.

In Austin? We’re shaking things up and giving you the chance to win an experience ON Valentine’s night! Bring a friend or make some new ones at Rainey Street’s Half Step, as mixologist Chris Bostick crafts specialty cocktails for you and your crew.

Chris Bostick, Half Step

AFW: Half Step is known for its specialty ice program. For those mixing cocktails at home to impress their loved ones, what would be your top tip when it comes to chilling a beverage correctly?

For the home bartender that wants to work with big ice, or genuinely wants to drink a cocktail as cold as possible, Tovolo Ice Molds are a good place to start. They come in all different shapes and sizes, neatly stack in your freezer, and produce fairly good results.

You can use big rocks for Old Fashioneds, spheres for Whiskey, and hi-ball spears for cocktails or plus ones. In addition, it’s always a good idea to either pre-freeze your glassware or ice down your cocktail glasses before pouring a drink into them.  

As a popular downtown destination, you’ve likely seen your fair share of Valentine’s antics from behind the bar. From breakups to proposals, what sticks out in your memory?

We are a very popular spot for first dates – especially online dates. You can always tell when someone comes in by themselves and mentions they are waiting for someone, but we always try and do our best to calm their nerves with the proper cocktail and some light-hearted conversation. We like to think we do our part in those situations!

Which specialty concoction will you be pouring for our winner?

Date? What Date?

2oz Beefeater Gin
.75oz Giffard Peche de Vigne
.75oz fresh lemon juice
1 cucumber slice
2 dashes Peychaud bitters

Muddle cucumber slice with lemon juice and Peche de Vigne. Add gin and bitters. Shake, strain, and garnish with cucumber slice.

Enter to win!