Food is For Lovers: Rico Torres & Diego Galicia

The Austin Food + Wine Festival is where you can mix and mingle with some of the biggest chefs and sommeliers in the country. This Valentine’s Day, we’re offering you a piece of the action! You and your special someone (or a friend!) could win a one-on-one culinary experience with talented Austin Food + Wine Festival chefs in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, or Houston.

Rico Torres & Diego Galicia

In San Antonio, you could win a two-part evening that includes a full, intimate dinner at Diego Galicia and Rico TorresMixtli (a 10 to 12-course tasting menu experience), followed by a mezcal tasting next door at the soon-to-open Mixtli Mezcaleria.

Curious to know more about mezcal and the unique Mixtli dining experience? We caught up with Diego and Rico for the inside scoop.

AFW: Having dinner at Mixtli is an inherently intimate experience with only ten other diners joining you. How would you describe an average night at the restaurant – is the whole group generally conversing as friends by the end of the evening?

Dining at Mixtli is like going to an exclusive theater show. Once dinner starts, guests are guided through a carefully planned menu focusing on a specific region of Mexico. Without any other distractions, guests become immersed in the flavors and presentations. Chefs prepare and serve out of an open kitchen merely feet away from the table. Guests interact with the staff and each other and usually end up leaving with new-found friends in the end.

Mezcales have recently risen in popularity, but most people aren’t too familiar with them. What are your favorite characteristics of this unique beverage?

Mezcal has smooth and smoky notes that you would get from a single malt whiskey. And because it is artisanal, there is usually a great story behind it.  

Let’s talk Valentine’s Day. If you could take the night off of cooking, what would be *your* ideal romantic meal?

An ideal dinner for me would include Scotch, bone-in ribeye for me, and filet Oscar for my wife. Music and dancing afterwards. — Rico

Homemade pasta plays a big role in our comfort food category. That and a good bottle of wine would do the trick, plus the company of our two English bulldogs. — Diego

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