Food is For Lovers: Seth Siegel-Gardner & Terrence Gallivan

The Austin Food + Wine Festival is where you can mix and mingle with some of the biggest chefs and sommeliers in the country. This Valentine’s Day, we’re offering you a piece of the action! You and your special someone (or a friend!) could win a one-on-one culinary experience with talented Austin Food + Wine Festival chefs in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, or Houston.

Seth Siegel-Gardner & Terrence Gallivan

In Houston, win a pizza making and beer pairing lesson from Seth Siegel-Gardner & Terrence Gallivan at Pass & Provisions. Learn the process of making the dough, assembling the pie, and even operating the pizza oven. Complete with local craft brew pairings!

We caught up with Seth to find out a few of the things that make this oven so special, his go-to growler when enjoying pizza at home and one of the restaurant’s most romantic stories.

Image Courtesy Houston Chronicle

AFW: It’s not every day that someone gets to jump in and work the Provisions wood-burning oven. How has the oven shaped the restaurant’s menu?

The oven is really the heart and soul of the restaurant. On top of using it for our pizzas, it serves a range of purposes — from baking dishes that then go directly out to the table to cooking fish, meat and vegetables. It’s also great for roasting mushrooms that we use for both pizza and pasta. And bread-baking – we do a lot of that in there too.

For those who may be recreating the experience at home, what are your tips for the perfect beer + pie pairing?

When you’re talking about finding a good beer to drink alongside pizza, you want a very drinkable brew so that you can enjoy a few or even over-indulge. We also love supporting local as much as possible. There are amazing local options in cities all over the country – especially in Houston and Texas. 8th Wonder Brewery, our good friends here in Houston, are set up at several of the growler filling stations around town. They just came out with Brewston, their new pale ale, that would be perfect.

Since opening two popular restaurants under one roof a few years ago, you’ve likely seen your share of romantic outings. From first dates to anniversaries, what is your favorite love-fueled story from the restaurant?

When we first opened The Pass, there was a couple that came in for their final date night before the birth of their first child. They had specified that it was a special evening for them in their reservation card, so we wanted it to be an extra memorable experience. They ended up having such an amazing time that the restaurant has now become a part of their own family story. They came and celebrated their child’s first birthday with us and will frequently come in for their date nights. We always make sure to prepare their favorite things on the menu. They’ve become part of the family here!

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