Couple In The Kitchen’s Favorite Food Trucks

Hi everyone! We’re Couple in the Kitchen, an Austin-based food blog that showcases the best food products, home-cooked recipes and restaurants from Austin to around the globe. Leading up to Austin Food + Wine Festival, we’ll be highlighting the best of Austin’s eats and drinks, from the fanciest date night locations, to the affordable (but delicious) huge food truck scene. When in Austin, do as the locals do and hit up one of the nearly two thousand mobile kitchens.

Best truck for a taste of Texas and a souvenir to take home: LA Barbecue

We’ve all waited in long lines for great BBQ, but what if we were to tell you that you can get the great quality brisket from a truck and the line would be 80% faster?? What you’d have then is the fantastic and wondrous LA Barbeque, where their brisket will leave you dreaming about marrying a piece of meat. The beef rib is also a must: it’s the size of a dinosaur bone, melts in your mouth, and falls off the bone. Get there early though because it will sell out fast!

Must-order dishes:

  • Brisket – Ask for the “fatty” end (Karen likes hers in a sandwich with pickled onions and pickles!)
  • Humongous beef rib
  • El Sancho Loco – A barbeque sandwich with sausage, pulled pork, brisket, and finished with pickled red onions. This must’ve been created by an evil genius or after a long night of drinking, but one thing we do know is that it’s amazing and we thank them.
  • Buttermilk and bacon potato salad
  • If you’re not an Austin local and want to bring a taste of Texas home, be sure to pick up a fully cooked, frozen brisket for your flight home. Be prepared for all of the excitement and smiles that you will bring to whoever is lucky enough to eat it with you. Whenever we fly to see family, we pack one of these puppies in our checked luggage and it’s always a huge hit! We also love thinking about the look on TSA’s face when they’re randomly checking that luggage and see a slab of meat!

    Best truck for a taste of the Olympics: Boteco

    We just took a trip to Brazil for Carnaval, and to prepare for our adventure we stopped by Boteco, a food truck dedicated to Brazilian cuisine. The grub is top notch, the owners are friendly like family, and it represents the country of Brazil’s culture and amazing food. In a city like Austin that loves a great piece of meat, we’re shocked that Boteco doesn’t have lines for days, similar to our most famed barbeque joints. Simply put, we could not have asked for more out of a food truck.

    Matthew Mcconaughey has been spotted here with his Brazilian wife a time or two. All right, all right, all right! Hey Matthew, how about we set up a double-date?!

    Must-order dishes:

  • Picanha bowl – Think chipotle steak bowl on steroids, with an egg on top
  • Coxinha – A delicious Brazilian-style fried chicken dumpling
  • Sunday special: Feijoada which is a classic Brazilian meat and bean stew. This dish is perfect for the weekend, because after eating it you’re going to need a nap
  • If you like spice in your dishes, be sure to ask for extra Brazilian peppers (We love them!)
  • Best breakfast taco from a truck: Veracruz All Natural

    You can’t visit Austin without eating breakfast tacos, and Veracruz All Natural offers the best breakfast tacos out of a truck. The tortillas are made fresh and it tastes so authentic you’d think a 95-year-old grandma was cooking your meal.

    Must-order dishes:

  • Migas – A Texas specialty where tortilla chips are crushed and sautéed in a mix of onions, tomatoes, and jalapenos, all of which are cooked in scrambled eggs.
  • Chorizo, egg, cheese, and avocado taco
  • Bacon, egg, and cheese – #CLASSIC
  • Tacos 2.0: Torchy’s

    Torchy’s is not your mom and pop taco truck, and with the President’s recent visit we can say that President Obama would definitely support this message. The tacos they dish out are truly a work of art, in the trashiest of forms (be sure to get your taco “trashy style”). Come hungry with a goal of two tacos and a side of queso and plan on leaving with a food baby and be ready for a snooze.

    Must-order dishes:

  • Queso with Chips: arguably some of the best in Texas
  • Obama special: 1 Republican, 1 Democrat, and 1 Independent
  • Secret menu tacos:

  • Green Chili Pork Missionary Style – A soft tortilla hugging a crispy tortilla, then stuffed with pork carnitas, onions, guacamole, cheese, and a creamy chipotle sauce (our favorite!)
  • Trailer Park Taco, Hillbilly Style – Fried chicken, bacon, chorizo, queso, green chilies, and a poblano ranch, all loaded into a tortilla.
  • Pizza: Via 313

    In America, New York and Chicago are pizza meccas, but if most pizza joints in Detroit are like Via 313 we can truly say Detroit deserves it’s place on the pizza map right besides them. Via 313 dishes out incredibly buttery pan pizzas that we crave for dinner, late night, and breakfast (typically after a night out on the town).

    Must-order dishes:

  • The Detroiter – A pepperoni lover’s dream that includes both a smoked pepperoni and a natural casing pepperoni.
  • The Rocket – I don’t know if Via 313’s pizza can be classified as healthy, but if you top soppresatta and parmesan with arugula that’s enough green on a pizza to make me feel healthy.
  • The Cadillac – Fig, gorgonzola, prosciutto, and a balsamic glaze. #Fancy
  • Chilantro

    Our greatest late night treasure is Chilantro and their gigantic Kimchi Fry Burrito. Image a massive tortilla, filled with Asian flavors and then packed with French fries. This sweet/salty/spicy masterpiece is usually sought after at 1am in the morning, to soak-up all the wine, liquor, and beer we’ve consumed throughout the night. If you happen to be around the truck pre-happy hour, their menu is filled with less-glutinous items that are just as delicious (like the kimchi fries and their special quesadilla with caramelized kimchi).

    Must-order dishes:

  • Kimchi Fry Pork Burrito – Don’t forget to specifically add the fries to your burrito and if you’re feeling feisty, add an egg as well
  • Soy Glazed or Spicy Chicken Quesadilla
  • Kimchi Fries
  • Thanks for joining us on our food truck tour! We hope that we inspired you to try a new cuisine or that we have you craving our favorite dishes. Sorry to have to run, but a bowl of melty queso is calling our names! Cheers!

    Gavin Booth + Karen Reinsberg
    Couple in the Kitchen