Friday Fives: Graham Elliot

We’ve been grilling AFW chefs every Friday to find out more about their favorite wines, restaurants, and more. This week, it’s Graham Elliot – a critically acclaimed chef, restaurateur and television personality who also happens to be one of the most recognized faces cooking in America today.


1. What’s your favorite easy dish or cocktail to make?
Pasta with olive oil, grated Parmesan and whatever seasonal veggies I can find. It’s great to cook with and for my kids.

2. What inspired you to become a chef?
I loved the idea of working with my hands and learning a craft/trade. Soon, I discovered cooking could be an artistic/creative outlet and from then on, I was on the path.

3. What’s your favorite restaurant (besides your own)?
I don’t have a favorite restaurant; I try to hit up as many spots as possible when I travel and places are opening all the time.

4. What’s your favorite cookbook or book about food?
Definitely Ma Gastronomie by Fernand Point. My wife Allie got me a signed first edition copy for Christmas this year – priceless (literally)!

5. What are you most excited about doing / seeing/ tasting at AFW?
Few towns are as exciting as Austin – the celebration of food and music creates an atmosphere unlike any other. Can’t wait!