Q+A with Gospel Brunch Performer Robert Randolph

This year at AFW, we’re shaking things up and adding a musical performance by Robert Randolph at a Gospel Brunch! We sent Robert some questions to find out his food faves – and whether chefs or musicians can party harder.

Robert Randolph

What’s your favorite food to eat out on the road? Southern BBQ; ribs, smoked chicken and a great red blend of wine.

You hail from New Jersey – what are some of your favorite NJ foods or restaurants? Italian Food; a place called Matthews in Bloomfield is great, but also close to me in NY are great places to eat like Rao’s and Katz’s deli.

What’s your favorite food to make when you’re at home? Lasagna. It’s my grandmothers recipe.

Do you see music and food as having a connection? Music and food are connected especially for traveling musicians and artist that travel all over the world exploring all the great secret recipes.

From your experience at MCFW, who parties harder – chefs or musicians? Chefs are great partiers but there is no way they can keep up with the liver of musicians!!!