Thanks To Our Sous Chefs From The Art Institute of Austin!

Have you ever attended a festival demo and noticed the white-aproned sous chefs, standing at the ready on the side of the stage? Those are our wonderful chefs from the Culinary Arts program at The Art Institute of Austin. These student chefs are an invaluable part of the festival, helping our festival chefs prep their dishes for both the demos and the evening events. We cannot thank them enough for helping ensure that everything tastes great, and looks good, too!

Curious about The Austin Institute of Art’s Culinary Arts program? It’s a program where you can uncover world cuisines in a well-equipped dining lab as you sharpen your fundamental cooking skills and explore the international tastes energizing the industry. It’s an education that’s as demanding as today’s culinary industry and it can prepare you for a future in the culinary arts and food & beverage management. Find out more here.

This article was posted on May 5, 2017