Did Our Delicious Recipes Wake Your Taste Buds?

We’re so glad you received our flavorful sneak peek at this year’s Austin FOOD & WINE Festival. Now it’s time to turn your recipes up a notch! Take a look below at the perfect pairings for each.

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Tuaca Roasted Acorn Squash

w/ Siduri Russian River Pinot Noir

This dish has some sweetness and some heat from the peppers and chili powder. Pinot Noir will cross the flavor boundaries easily and has the body to hold up to the squash texture.


Smoked Glazed Baby Carrots

w/ Decoy Chardonnay

Glazed Carrots will have some sweetness and smokeyness, and this Chardonnay will have the body to stand up to both, with tropical fruit notes and spicy oak — this will pair perfectly.


Barbecued Shirmp With Sautéed Greens

w/ Chateau Ste. Michelle Eroica Reisling

Anytime you eat shrimp, you’ll want to enjoy it with a wine that has some nice mineral notes and acidity, and this wine has both. The slight sweetness will work well with the barbecue notes and hot sauce.


Spaghetti With Shaved Broccoli Top Pesto

w/ Allegrini Palazzo Della Torre

Pesto and Broccoli have big flavors. Corvina and Rondinella (prinicipal grapes in the Veneto) are medium bodied and the Sangiovese will lend a smooth finish to this pairing without over powering the dish.


We hope these top off your main course! And don’t forget there’s more where that came from. Purchase your Passes today!