Eric Silverstein

Executive Chef & Owner, The Peached Tortilla

Executive Chef & Owner of The Peached Tortilla, Eric Silverstein, did not take the traditional route into the hospitality world. The former litigator always had a passion for food and aspired to become an entrepreneur, so he decided to combine the two by opening a food truck.

Silverstein was born in Tokyo, Japan where he lived for 11 years before moving to Atlanta, GA. Then in 2010, at the age of 27, he ventured to Austin for the sunny weather and friendly people. It was his upbringing in both the Peach State and his “atypical” approach to food that inspired Silverstein to name his business “The Peached Tortilla.” His style of cooking is heavily influenced by Japanese, Chinese and Malaysian cuisine from his time growing up in Japan, with hints of flavors from his time spent in the South. Silverstein also continuously draws inspiration from the various cookbooks he reads during his free time.

Instead of going to culinary school, Silverstein turned to mentors and other industry professionals to help marry his passions for food and business. His approach at The Peached Tortilla is customer-centric – he wants guests to have a one-of-a-kind experience and leave satiated. Silverstein is consistently working closely with his team to make things more delicious and better tasting. He keeps his hands in every element of the business, and maintains the mindset that his job is to not only to provide a great experience for guests, but to also provide an opportunity for his staff to grow and flourish.

Silverstein was named one of the top “30 Up and Coming Chefs in America” by Plate Magazine. He has also been featured in a variety of publications and shows including People, Kiplinger’s, Live! with Kelly and Michael, and Taco Trip with Aaron Sanchez. He is also a founding partner of the “Trailer Food Tuesdays” series that takes place each summer at Austin’s Long Center.