2018 Talent

Hailey Trefethen

Third Generation Vintner, Trefethen Family Vineyards

Trefethen siblings, Loren and Hailey, now work (voluntarily!) at the winery full-time. Having literally grown up in the middle of the family vineyard, the siblings have traveled widely with their parents throughout the world’s leading wine regions.

Hailey spends half of her time representing the family and the winery around the USA. The other half of her time is spent working closely with the production and vineyard teams. She manages all sustainability certifications through the CA statewide program and the Napa Green Land and Winery programs. She spends every spare minute in the vineyards and plotting what will be planted next in La Huerta – Trefethen’s five acre estate garden that supplies fruits and vegetables to all the employees and their families. She is the youngest vintner ever voted to serve on the Napa Valley Vintners’ Board of Directors.

Hailey added general contractor and historian to her job title when Trefethen’s history changed as a 6.0 earthquake shook through Napa Valley at 3:20 am on August 24, 2014. Built in 1886, their beloved Historic Winery took a direct hit and shifted four feet to the west. Committed to rebuilding this iconic Napa Valley treasure, Hailey is leading a team of top engineers and historical building architects on a full restoration of this cherished Registered Historic Landmark – to be completed sometime in 2017.

Just as John and Janet took the reins from Eugene and Catherine in the 1970s, Loren and Hailey are poised to put their generation’s stamp on the Trefethen credo of “One Family, One Estate, One Passion.”