Jam Sanitchat

Thai Fresh

Jam Sanitchat is a chef, a cooking instructor and the owner of Thai Fresh in Austin, Texas. Jam was born and raised in Thailand and moved to Austin in 2001 for her graduate degree. She received a master’s degree in communication from the University of Texas in Austin in 2003, and started teaching cooking classes in 2004.

Feeding friends and throwing dinner parties was a way for her to build community. After graduation, she started selling Thai food at the farmers markets around Austin, and teaching cooking classes out of her home kitchen and customers’ home kitchens.

She decided to pursue this new potential career instead of heading for her PhD. and opened Thai Fresh in 2008. She started the project as a place for people to learn how to make Thai food, buy Thai groceries and grab a quick bite.

Thai Fresh is now a full-service restaurant and coffeehouse, as well as a teaching studio that’s played host to thousands of students over the years.