Jason McVearry & Trisha Fortuna

Co-Founders & Chief Poke Creators, Poke-Poke

Trisha Fortuna and Jason McVearry are a husband and wife team credited with creating the current poke trend with their quick service poke restaurant, Poke-Poke opened in Venice Beach, CA in 2010.

Trish and Jason grew up in Dallas, migrating west in their early 20’s. Jason, migrating further west, lived in Hawaii for 5 years sustaining himself primarily on poke, beer and surfing. In 2007-2008, Trish and Jason met in LA, became an inseparable couple.

Trish tried poke for the first time on a trip to Hawaii with Jason and was blown away there was no poke back home, prompting the revelation we should open a poke restaurant in LA.

From there, Jason and Trish started experimenting with poke recipes, exposing their LA friends to the dish (to their friends’ delight). After Trish and Jason got married in September 2010, the opportunity to lease a food window on the Venice Boardwalk opened up and they took it. Poke-Poke was born that November.

Trish and Jason have dedicated every day to making their product and customer experience a life-altering event for poke consumers.

Poke-Poke now has 3 stores, 1 in Venice Beach and 2 in Austin, TX. Poke-Poke inspired a major trend in quick service with more than 100 poke restaurants opening in the last 4 years.