Jeff Brown

Executive Chef, Old Thousand

Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, Jeff Brown found a passion and influence in cooking from his Grandma Ruby and her many “fish frys” and low country boils, often with ingredients that they foraged for and fish they caught, together. These experiences inspired a love for cooking that ultimately brought him to Johnson and Wales in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he received his formal culinary education.

There, he cut his teeth working under Chef Joe Kindred of Rooster’s, where he learned how to make fresh pasta and housemade charcuterie, before moving to Austin to take part in the opening of St. Philip, under Chef Page Pressley.

It was at Fixe Southern House, under Chefs Zach Hunter and James Robert, however, where Jeff returned to his roots in Southern cooking and began to refine his skills as a Chef and leader.

These skills allowed him to excel as opening Sous Chef of Old Thousand under CultureMap TasteMaker’s 2017 Rising Star Chef of the Year, Chef James Dumapit, before ultimately becoming his successor as Executive Chef. Old Thousand’s innovative and modern interpretation of Chinese mainstays and classics, sourcing from local farms and ranches have won a number of accolades locally and nationally.

Other than his passion for cooking, Jeff also has a passion for endurance running, participating in (and occasionally winning) a number of ultra-marathons across the country. When he’s not running a kitchen Jeff is out hoofing it on the trails.