2018 Talent

Fiore Tedesco

Chef/Managing Partner, Bufalina

Fiore Tedesco, Chef/Managing Partner, moved to Austin from New York City in 2011, where he has been the culinary director at Franklin BBQ, Texas Monthly’s Best BBQ, for the last two years and at La Condesa before that. Fiore spent his first decade of adulthood touring the world as a musician, informing and inspiring in him an ideal of flavor and cuisine and the limitless well from which to draw. Fiore fell in love with the food in Italy and upon returning from a European tour began staging at his favorite restaurants, first at Prune, filled with the desire to learn to create. Soon after, he dived head first into chefhood, cooking in several of New York’s best restaurants, such as The Gramercy Tavern and Roberta’s. At Roberta’s he learned to master a wood burning pizza oven, fell in love with pasta making, and immersed himself in the world of charcuterie, salumi & dry aging of meats. At the Gramercy Tavern under chef Michael Anthony’s tutelage, Fiore learned to treat each ingredient, specifically vegetables, with the utmost care and respect. At the Gramercy, every part of each ingredient is used & celebrated, a concept that is a founding principle of Fiore’s cuisine.