Marco Silvestrini

Co-Owner, Dolce Neve

Co-Owner of Dolce Neve, Marco Silvestrini, was born in Fabriano, Italy. He attended Politecnico di Milano (Polytechnic University of Milan), where he earned his Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 2004. Following graduation, he worked at the Milan office of strategic consulting firm McKinsey & Company from 2005 to 2006. Wanting to take on a new adventure, Silvestrini moved to the U.S. in 2007 and attended Columbia University in New York where he received his Master in Business Administration. He consequently returned to McKinsey & Company, this time working at the New Jersey office from 2008 to 2012.

Tired of working in the corporate world where everyone was focused on their career, Silvestrini realized that the constant search for money did not make him happy. Instead, he wanted to make others happy or, at least, help others find a moment of happiness in their lives. Thinking back on one particular gelato shop he went to with friends as a kid, he decided that opening one of his own was a good way to achieve his goal.

While studying and working in New York, Silvestrini appreciated and got inspired by the unexpected and innovative combination of flavors he tasted in the city. Drawn by its rich food culture and friendly people, Silvestrini moved to Austin, Texas in 2012, and alongside his sister Francesca and her fiancé Leonardo, opened Dolce Neve in January 2014.

At the shop, Silvestrini is responsible for gelato preparation, purchasing, administration, marketing, strategy and business development. He is mostly self-taught in gelato making, along with learning from Francesca, who is formally trained in the skill. He brings a surprising flair to the gelato creations and is behind some of the most inventive flavors in the shop. Dolce Neve is all about using local, seasonal ingredients. Using traditional techniques, few ingredients and absolutely no premade mixes or artificial ingredients creates the perfect formula for their beloved gelato.

Silvestrini enjoys traveling, skiing, hiking, cycling and reading comic books. He also has a dog named Attila, a Golden Retriever famous at the local farmers’ market for stealing vegetables.