2018 Talent

Melissa Moss

Chef, Lenior

Chef de cuisine at Lenoir, Melissa Moss, knew she wanted to cook as long as she can remember. She decided to take the plunge into cooking professionally because there was nothing in the world that she would rather spend her time doing.

Growing up in Washington, D.C., and living in Boulder, Colo, and Asheville, N.C., for four years each, Moss eventually moved to Austin, Texas, in 2010, after graduating college in North Carolina. She wanted to be in a small, food-centric city that also had a warmer climate than most of the rest of the country. In Austin, she attended the Texas Culinary Academy, but credits a great deal of her training to the chefs and cooks she has worked with in the last six years in Austin.

As chef de cuisine at Lenoir, Moss juggles a long list of local suppliers, comes up with new menu items and manages the kitchen staff. She likes honest cooking, simple and local food and working with people who are down to earth and have a sense of humor.

Moss attributes her culinary point of view to her Jewish and Filipina heritage and to growing up in the D.C. area with access to many culturally diverse foods.

When not at the restaurant, Moss loves eating, spending time with her dog and making day trips to the surrounding Hill Country.