2018 Talent

Olivia O’Neal

Owner/Head Cupcake Queen, Sugar Mama's

Olivia and Steve O’Neal first dreamed up the concept for Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop after realizing they had the perfect combination for a successful bakery: Olivia loved to bake and Steve loved to taste test. And so Sugar Mama’s was born!

Throughout the years Sugar Mama’s had won many local awards such as best birthday cake, best cookie, best bakery, and nationally won Cupcake Wars on the Food Network.

With a focus on local, organic ingredients and a commitment to being green, the family has found the perfect combination of life and work in the funky South First Business District. In 2014 Sugar Mama’s found another neighborhood they felt embodied everything they love about Austin and opened a second location in East Austin. In addition to the award-winning desserts that our fans have come to cherish, Sugar Mama’s Eastside also serves beer and wine.