2018 Talent

Sarah McIntosh

Chef & Owner, Épicerie

Growing up in Shreveport, Louisiana, chef and owner of Épicerie Sarah McIntosh had always loved blues and soul music, LSU football, and particularly, the culture of food in the southern and Cajun cuisine-rich state. Her family was very much food-oriented and celebrations were often met with great food and wine. With the ability to express creativity in a culinary profession, McIntosh was inspired to take her passion to the next level.

McIntosh developed her culinary skills at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School in Austin, TX where she graduated first in her class. She worked at Thomas Keller’s renowned Bouchon and Ad Hoc in Yountville, California, served as the sous chef at Austin’s beloved Olivia restaurant, in addition to a few other small restaurants during her ten-year tenure in kitchens. Eventually, she brought her own vision of an uncomplicated café and grocery in one, with Épicerie, which roughly translates to “grocer’s shop” in French and is popular in various parts of Europe and Louisiana. With the restaurant, Sarah is able to bring the simplicity of delicious French Louisiana fare that she became so familiar with growing up in Louisiana while providing the perfect neighborhood spot for those living in the Rosedale area. Patrons can always expect something new and fresh from McIntosh, from her mouth-watering boudin, to the housemade, seasonal pasta—one will never tire of her ever evolving menu.

Food wasn’t the only thing instilled on McIntosh growing up. The importance of family was as well. In late 2013 McIntosh and her husband Jackson welcomed their first child – daughter Finley. Between running a successful restaurant and raising a new-born, McIntosh still finds time to partake in her hobbies, which include: gardening and hanging out with her dogs Kiki and Layla. What she really loves to do is throw parties, crawfish boils, or really, celebrations of any kind, and McIntosh definitely has a lot to celebrate these days!