2018 Talent

Steve Nelson

Executive Chef, Wild Kitchen + Bar

Born and raised in the eclectic melting pot that is Southern California and Hawaii, later living in San Francisco, New Orleans and Aspen, Chef Steve Nelson’s upbringing has inspired his eccentric and inventive cuisine. Growing up immersed in Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Hawaiian cultures has instilled an intense passion for Asian food and that passion ultimately pulled him into the professional culinary industry. His acute knowledge of fish and seafood coupled with a desire to share his culinary talents led him to the Rocky Mountains where he worked at the famed Sushi Den in Denver, Viceroy in Snowmass, and then Plato’s Restaurant at the Aspen Meadows Resort.

While in Aspen, Chef was able to meld his love for hunting with family, along with his exposure to a wide variety of new ingredients into a deep passion for wild game meats. Steve was able to hone his skills with wild meats – cooking Elk, Venison and other game meats. 

Chef Steve has also worked with a plethora of renowned chefs, from Susan Spicer at Bayona in New Orleans, Donald Link at Elite Cafe to Mark Franz and Jeremiah Tower at Farallon Restaurant in San Francisco.

“I am excited to be a part of this team that helps foster my creativity and passion. I enjoy feeding people a meal that they may not have been exposed to before – something from the natural surroundings. It brings us back to our origins. The combination of locally sourced ingredients, quality food, and the unique atmosphere at Wild Kitchen + Bar was appealing to me because the world needs more places that can offer unique dining experiences in which families can come together around a meal.”  – Chef Steve Nelson