Wayne Mueller

3rd Generation Owner & Pit Master, Louie Mueller Barbecue

Wayne is an internationally-recognized and awarded pitmaster specializing in Central Texas Style Barbecue. He is a member of Texas Monthly Magazine’s “Top 4 Best BBQ Joints in the World”, a “Top 5 Texas Pitmaster” according to Daniel Vaughn in his magnum opus “Prophets of Smoked Meat” and a Fox News Top 4 Most Influential Barbecue Pitmasters / Personalities in America.

Wayne began his BBQ education at the age of 8 while working with his father (Bobby Mueller) in the family restaurant (Louie Mueller Barbecue). He apprenticed with Bobby for 11 years before attending college and pursuing careers in professional sports (corporate marketing) and advertising. In late 2006 at his father’s request, Wayne returned to the family business in late 2006 and in 2008 became the 3rd generation owner|pitmaster of the Texas barbecue icon Louie Mueller Barbecue in Taylor, TX, a James Beard Award recipient (America’s Classics) in 2006.

A BBQ pitmaster, operator, spokesman, lecturer, instructor, demonstrator, guest chef and trainer, Wayne has appeared in countless books and articles and has made appearances on the Food Network, The Travel Channel, The Cooking Channel, CBS and PBS. In late 2015 he was featured in two debut film documentaries on Central Texas BBQ (‘Central Texas BBQ’ and ‘For The Love of Meat’). Internationally, Wayne has made television appearances in Canada, France and Japan, China and Taiwan. He has traveled to Milan, Tokyo, London and Paris acting as a culinary ambassador (on behalf of the US State Dept) and BBQ missionary educating his audiences on Texas culture (Texas barbecue culture/ history in particular) while introducing authentic Central Texas Style barbecue to new Asian and European audiences.

In 2015 and 2016, Wayne guided Louie Mueller Barbecue to several honors including: “Top Pick” Top 50 BBQ of the South | Southern Living; Best BBQ in the World | Foodie Hub; Tastiest Dish in the World| Foodie Hub (65 countries/275 cities); #1 Ribs in America | The Daily Meal, Best Bite of the Year | James Beard Editor’s “15 Best Bites of the Year” Awards and #4 America’s Most Influential BBQ Pitmasters and Personalities | Fox News Online, #2 Best Ribs in America | Top 5 Restaurant/Food Network.